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Custom Coordinates - Longitude & Latitude

Would you love to inscribe your most memorial places on a jewellery that you can keep near?

Inscribed with the latitude & longitude coordinates to your special place, your wedding moment, the first child born, when you said Yes, first met, and many more moments to add on!

All the items in our store can be inscribe with coordinates for you.

We love to use Google Map to find our coordinates. Simple & easy to use.

Instruction on how to grab your coordinates:

  1. On your computer, visit Google Maps.
  2. Search your full address. 
  3. When Google found your place, then right-click a location on the map.
  4. Select What's here?.
  5. A card appears at the bottom of the screen with more info.
  6. You can find the longitude and latitude in the bottom of the card.  Click on it and Google will add it in the search direction box.
  7. Copy your Longitude and Latitude with all the symbols and place your order with us.