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How To Order?


Step 1: Add an Item to Your cart

When you find an item you want to buy, follow these steps:

1.) If the item you want to purchase has options to choose from -- like size, color, or shape -- you will have to select each option before you can add it to your cart. 

2.) If there is an inscription box, add a simple inscription request. 

Be sure to check the listing description to see if there is any request for any specific instruction required from you. Please note the character limit apply on each item (including spaces and symbols).

You can copy the symbols ☆   ◦   ♡   to use or just add {heart symbol} {degree symbol} {star symbol}.

** you can also add your inscription at cart page "Special Instruction To Seller".

3) Click Add to cart on the item listing page.

Access your cart (or shopping bag) at any time by clicking the cart icon at the top right of the site. From there, proceed to check-out or continue shopping. 


Step 2: Add Order Details / Instructions

In your cart, you can review the cost of the item or change the quantity you'd like to purchase.

Follow the item instruction and provide your inscription in the Special instructions for seller box. 

Please give instruction by item title / name as shown on sample image:


If you have a coupon code, you can apply coupon on last page of check-out process.

Proceed to checkout when you're ready.


Step 3: Select Shipping Method

Here you will enter your shipping address.

If needed, you can choose a different shipping address

Coupon Code is available to apply at this stage.



Step 4: Select Payment Method 

  • Card: (click PROCESS TO CHECKOUT button)

  • PayPal: If you choose to pay through PayPal (or Paypal Express ), you will be redirected to a secure PayPal page and then back to MPJ to confirm the order. 

  • AfterPay (click PROCESS TO CHECKOUT button)

Note: If you choose PAYPAL: 
In Paypal page, sign in and click Pay Now Continue , you will be returned to our site to review your order, where you will be able to enter Coupon Code and / or complete your transaction. 



Step 5: Submit Your Order

To complete the process, click Submit order. When paying directly on PayPal, payment is submitted at the time you place the order.

You will see a confirmation that your order is complete.


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